You have been rigorously preparing for the US CMA exam with a reputable training institute for a few months now and the exam date is getting nearer. A part of you is rather excited to take the exam and ace it, but there is some anxiety regarding how things will go on the day of the exam. Well, we understand this mix of eagerness and nervousness more than anyone else and are here to help you be fully prepared for the exam day, so that you are as confident as you need to be and take the exam in the most efficient manner possible.

Here are 8 ways that will help you do just that!

Have a Set Time-Table for the Day Before the Exam

Have a Set Time-Table for the Day Before The Exam to make yourself ready for the CMA USA Exam Day

Rather than try to cram it all up at the last minute, make sure you know which topics you want to revise on the preceding day of the exam. The best way to do so is by reviewing your notes, going through summary notes, or simply listening to some audio lectures. But you must not overdo it and confine this revision to just a few hours.

Pro Tip – Do not take any mock tests or even practice test questions. In case you score low on such tests, it can adversely impact your confidence, thereby wreaking havoc on the actual exam. Keep away from self-doubt at all costs in the last 72 hours leading up to the exam!

Have Ample Rest the Day Before

Have Ample Rest the Day Before The Exam to make yourself ready for the CMA USA Exam Day

To ensure peak performance on the day of the US CMA exam, it is essential that you are both physically and mentally relaxed. A simple way to achieve this is by getting ample sleep😴 on the night before the exam.

After all the hard work and dedication, you’ve put in, this is the time to relax and be rejuvenated for the upcoming test!

Reach the Test Centre Well Before Time

Reach The Test Centre Well Before Time The Exam to make yourself ready for the CMA USA Exam Day

The day has finally arrived! Start your morning with a light yet filling breakfast and make way to your designated testing centre. Make sure to arrive at least one hour before the test so that you have ample time for the check-in procedures. A good idea is to visit the centre once before the day of the test so that you have a fair idea of the route as well as the time that it will take for you to reach there.

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Be Prepared for the CMA Exam Check-In Process

As soon as you reach the test centre, you will have to verify your identity by showing relevant proofs such as a valid international passport or government-issued photo ID, to the Testing Centre Administrator (TCA). The TCA will take your picture with a digital camera and will also scan the ID proof given by you. You will also be physically checked before entering the test room and will be required to turn out your pockets and even roll up your sleeves to prove that you’re clean and are not carrying any electronics or notes.

Be Confident When Attempting the Exam

Be Confident When Attempting the Exam to make yourself ready for the CMA USA Exam Day

You’ve worked incessantly to prepare for this test under the guidance of India’s premier training institute for US CMA. You are now in the perfect position to take the exam and pass it with flying colours. All you need is some confidence and you can and will make it through. To ensure this confidence, try taking a few mock tests on a Windows PC 1-2 weeks prior to the exam to get a feel of the test environment. This will make you comfortable on the actual day of the exam. And, whenever you feel anxious due to a difficult question, make sure to take deep breaths and try to stay as composed as possible.

Take the Tutorial Seriously for the US CMA Exam

Take the Tutorial Seriously to make yourself ready for the CMA USA Exam Day

Right before the start of the exam, you will be given a 15-minute span to take a tutorial on the exam process. Make use of these 15 minutes as they will help you pace yourself for the test that’s ahead of you.

Maintain an Apt Speed

Regardless of the part, you’re attempting, you will have 4 hours to finish the test. The first three hours will be dedicated to answering 100 multiple choice questions, while the remaining 1 hour will need to be used for answering 2 essay questions. While it is important to answer each question correctly, it is equally important that you maintain a speed that gives you enough time to attempt all questions, thereby enhancing your chances of getting a 72+ score on the MCQ section and helping you pass the exam.

You must also remember that any time remaining from the three hours of the MCQ section can be carried forward to the essay section. Hence, it may be ideal to finish off your MCQs at the earliest possible.

Stay Relaxed After the US CMA Exam

Stay Relaxed After the Exam to make yourself ready for the CMA USA Exam Day

On completion of the exam, the testing centre will scan your biometric ID again. You will then receive an information packet with explanations pertaining to the exam scores and the expected time for the results. In our experience, it takes anywhere between 6 to 10 weeks for the scores to arrive, hence we strongly recommend taking it easy and enjoying a few days’ breaks from studying, even if you still need to attempt the other part!

After all, it takes some mantle to prepare and take even one part of the US CMA exam in India!! Isn’t it?

8 Easiest Ways To Make Yourself Ready For The CMA USA Exam Day

FAQ’s For US CMA Exam

What are the Essentials that I must take with me on the CMA exam day?

Here’s a comprehensive checklist of all the things you need to take along on the CMA exam day

  • Identity Proof with Photograph
  • Confirmation Number (for the CMA exam registration)
  • Face Mask (as a precaution against COVID-19)
  • A basic, non-programmable calculator
  • Water Bottle
  • Some snacks (we recommend Snickers Bar or something similarly dense in calories)
  • A small bag to help store your belongings in the locker during exam hours

What am I allowed to take inside the testing room for the CMA exam?

You will only be allowed to bring in your calculator, your jacket, and your face mask to the testing room. You will be required to leave all other belongings in the locker allotted to you.

Am I allowed to carry snacks for the CMA exam?

Yes! In fact, we recommend that you do. Depending on your anxiety and hunger levels, it will be a relief to have something to snack on in break time or right after the exam. That said, you must remember, you will not be allowed to carry the snacks inside the testing room.