CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst. CFA is one of the most sought-after financial designations in India as well as globally. CFA should be your go-to financial certification course if you are someone interested in the field of investment management. 

The CFA course will help you master and around investment analysis, portfolio management, investment management, financial analysis, and many more.

The CFA course has a total of three levels, Level I, Level II, and Level III.

The CFA exam is usually held around the year. The pass percentage of the CFA is about 40-50% which is less compared to other financial certification courses. 

Here is detailed blog on registration process for all the three levels of CFA Exam:


CFA Level I Exam
CFA Level I Registration Steps
CFA Level II Exam
CFA Level II Registration Steps
CFA Level III Exam
CFA Level III Registration Steps
Enrolment and Registration Fees for the CFA Exam
CFA Education or Experience Requirements
CFA Documents Required
Register for the CFA exam

CFA Level I Exam

The CFA Level 1 examination has been modified to computer-based from a paper-primarily based format. This examination will be carried out in February, March, can also, July, August, and November.

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CFA assessments are now held across India with restrained capability and introduced regulations. Aspirants who’ve neglected the November exam because of the continued pandemic can choose the online Proctored to take a look at (opt) presented via the CFA Institute. Extra records concerning choice could be furnished to the applicants through e-mail.

CFA Level I Registration Steps:

  • First, applicants need to create an account on the CFA Institute website, supply the vital suitable records and pick their desired examination center.
  • If the applicants are eligible and want to apply for any scholarship, they ought to register as early as feasible and publish their scholarship application.
  • If candidates aren’t offered any scholarship, then the subsequent step would be to pay their application and exam fee which can be completed via credit card, wire transfer, etc., and the amount relies upon the time of registration using the candidates.
  • There are 3 registration rate cut-off dates; the primary one is the most inexpensive and the ultimate one is the most expensive.
  • If applicants are registering for CFA level 1 for the primary time, then they’re required to pay an additional one-time enrollment price of USD 450.
  • At some point of registration, candidates have to study and accept the Candidate settlement.
  • Applicants ought to additionally post the expert behavior assertion (disclosing applicable reprimands, litigations, Investigations, etc.) upon the primary CFA exam registration and then yearly and before each subsequent exam registration.
  • The outcomes are declared after 60 days from the date of the examination.

CFA Level II Exam

The purpose of the CFA Level 2 test is to gauge a candidate’s aptitude for using investment valuation principles. Candidates taking the CFA Level 2 test will encounter ten subjects divided into four categories: investment tools, ethical and professional standards, portfolio management, and wealth planning. The level 2 test lasted 4.5 hours in total.

CFA Level II Registration Steps:

  • For CFA Level 2, the procedure is much the same as it was for Level 1.
  • The scholarship programs are open to qualifying applicants. If not, after choosing an exam location, candidates must submit money for the exam before the deadline. This time, there won’t be an enrollment charge.
  • Candidates must submit a Professional Conduct Statement and read and accept the Candidate Agreement, the same as they did for Level 1.
  • After 60 days have elapsed since the exam date, the results are announced.

CFA Level III Exam

The CFA Level 3 exam is the cornerstone assessment required for certification as a Chartered Financial Analyst. Portfolio management and wealth planning are the main topics of the CFA Level 3 test. The CFA level 3 test has a grade of 360 points, or one point every minute. The level 3 test takes 4.5 hours to complete and is broken up into two parts.

CFA Level III Registration Steps:

  • Candidates must fill out the registration form for the CFA Level 3 exam online on the CFA Institute’s official website with the essential information and choose their desired testing location.
  • The following step would be to choose appropriate qualifying requirements from the available selections. Candidates must provide information about their occupation, employer, employment location, and degree of education.
  • After carefully reading the Candidate Agreement, accept it.
  • Candidates must choose the CFA study material format they want to receive.
  • The fees must be paid by wire transfer, credit card, or other means for candidates.

Enrolment and Registration Fees for the CFA Exam

Enrolment and Registration Fees for CFA exam
  • Early enrolment for the CFA Program test costs USD 900, while normal registration costs USD 1,200. USD 350 is the one-time registration charge.
  • The course fee for CFA enrolment is USD350 which converts to around INR 27,000 in India. CFA is an expensive course when compared to other financial certifications.
  • The fee paid for the CFA course will vary based on the time you register for the exam. The earlier you register, the less your enrollment fee will be.

Here is more info regarding the CFA course fees:

Registration TypeCourse Fee in USD
Early Registration900
Standard Registration1200

The rescheduling fee if you want to change your exam date will be USD 250.

CFA Education or Experience Requirements

CFA Education or Experience Requirements
  • At the time of registration, CFA applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from an approved university or at the very least be in their last year of undergraduate study.
  • In addition, the applicant may have 4 years of relevant professional job experience before registration.
  • As long as the total number of years equals or exceeds 4, it is acceptable to combine the aforementioned education and employment experience.

CFA Documents Required:

CFA Documents Required
  • A valid passport for overseas travel is required for CFA candidates. The number supplied during the online application procedure must coincide with this one. Note to dual citizens: double check that the passport you’ll be bringing matches the one you used to register.
  • Your name, birthdate, passport number, expiration date, and country of issuance should all be listed on the passport.
  • A current passport is required (i.e. not expired).
  • A picture must be included in the passport.
  • It must be a document for travel. In other words, anything other than just an ID card or driver’s license that you may use to travel internationally.
  • It should go without saying that you must bring your actual passport to the exam, not a copy.