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ACCA _ Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

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  • 6 - 24 Months
  • 3 Levels
    13 Papers
  • Quarterly
  • Online
  • EMI
  • Placement
  • 6 - 24 Months
  • 3 Levels
    13 Papers
  • Quarterly
  • Online
  • EMI
  • Placement

ACCA Course Details and Programme Overview

  • Designed for budding finance management students and professionals
  • 3 Levels | 13 Papers
  • 24 -36 Months to complete, on average
  • ACCA Qualified Professionals in the Faculty Pool
  • In-house Learning Management Platform
  • Placement Training and Internship Opportunity
  • Opportunity in Big4 and other MNC

ACCA (full form Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a globally recognized accounting body that offers the offering the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification. ACCA students can go on to build promising careers in Accounting, Tax Consulting, Auditing, Business Valuation, Treasury Management etc...

ACCA is a globallyrecognized accounting qualification that provides a strong foundation to students and professionals for careers in Accounting, Tax Consulting, Auditing, Business Valuation, Treasury Management etc.

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Syllabus for ACCA Entrance Exams

ACCA exam is known to be the toughest finance exam, as the ACCA course follows the International financial reporting standards to ensure widespread acceptance of ACCA members globally! It is for this very reason, that ACCA Syllabus is fairly extensive, and on the more difficult side.

Knowledge Level

  • BT – Business & Technology
  • MA – Management Accounting
  • FA – Financial Accounting

Skill Level

  • LW – Corporate & Business Law (GLO)
  • PM – Performance Management
  • TX – Taxation
  • FR – Financial Reporting
  • AA – Audit & Assurance
  • FM – Financial Management

Professional Level

  • SBL – Strategic Business Leader
  • SBR – Strategic Business Reporting (INT)
  • SBR – Strategic Business Reporting (UK)
  • AFM – Advanced Financial Management
  • APM – Advanced Performance Management
  • AAA – Advanced Audit & Assurance

Our Sample Lectures for ACCA Exam Sessions

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Question bank and studyfor materials

ACCA Exam Pattern

ACCA Foundation Level Exams

  • Duration: 2 Hrs
  • Questions: 50
  • Total marks: 100 marks
  • Passing marks: 50%

ACCA Applied Knowledge Exams

  • Section A contains objective test questions (OTs)
  • Section B contains multi-task questions (MTQs)
  • Duration: 2 Hrs
  • Total Marks: 100 marks
  • Passing Marks: 50%
  • Note: Business and Technology
    (BT), Management Accounting
    (MA) and Financial Accounting

ACCA Applied Knowledge Exams

  • A variety of OT Questions, Multi Task Questions and Constructed Response Questions using spreadsheets and processing tools.
  • Duration (CBE): 3 hrs
  • Passing Marks: 50%
  • Total marks: 100
  • The 3-hour exam will assess all parts of the syllabus and will test knowledge and some

ACCA Strategic Professional Level Examss

  • A variety of Case Study Based / Scenario based Questions will be asked.
  • Duration (CBE): 4 hrs for SBL / 3 hrs for other exams.
  • Passing Marks: 50%
  • Total marks: 100
  • The 4/3-hour exam will assess all parts of the syllabus and will test comprehensive application of this knowledge

ACCA Certification

To qualify as an ACCA member, you must fulfil all of the following requirements:

  • Attempt and clear 13 exams (ACCA does provide upto 9 paper exemptions depending upon the candidate’s previous qualification)
  • Record 36 months’ experience in a relevant role. The candidate can acquire the experience before/ during/ after completion of the qualification.
  • Complete the Ethics and Professional Skills module.
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Certificate | Invisor Education India


A corporate can train you better. Learn from the industry leaders

Geevar Thambi CMA Coach & Corporate Trainer at Invisor Education India

Geevar Thambi


  • Partner Antal International. CMA Coach & Corporate Trainer
Kiran Varghese ACCA trainer at Invisor

Kiran Varghese


Ganesh Hari CMA Coach at Invisor

Ganesh Hari


  • Former Senior Analyst at Goldman Sachs. CMA Coach
Alex Tom Joseph CMA Coach at Invisor

Alex Tom Joseph


  • VP Finance, Invisor Group. CMA Coach.
Muhammed Shafeeque K E Finance Professional Analyst at Invisor India

Muhammed Shafeeque K E


  • Finance Professional
  • Analyst at Invisor Global Inc

Program Fee

ACCA Online - Global

Tution Fees Per Paper Group Wise Full ACCA
F1 to F4 INR 10,000.00 INR 35,000.00
F5 to F9 INR 12,500.00 INR 50,000.00 INR 1,20,000.00
F1 to F4 INR 15,000.00 INR 50,000.00

Note: All fees is inclusive of tax

Our Alumni work at

Eligibility & Job Opportunity

Target Audience / Who is this program for.

Candidates who are either pursuing or completed bachelor’s degree and working professionals are eligible for enrolling for this program.

Job Opportunity

Opportunities across the finance and accounting domain in Big Four's and other MNCs.

Students Feedback

Sreeroop Nv, CMA

Analyst | EY

It has been a whirlwind of a year since qualifying CMA USA in last and navigating through a pandemic in the hunt for a job as a fresher. After completion of CMA, I was not even able to apply for a job. Can’t imagine how worst was my situation. Then as a gem, I heard about First Career Program (FCP) from my CMA tutor Alex Tom Joseph. But I was in a dilemma and then I thought of the best quote I have heard in my entire life. If someone gives you an amazing opportunity, you better grab it first so that he wants to give you the next one. “So, then I finally decided to go with the Plan To Join with FCP Program.  To my surprise with gods grace everything went well and it was one of the best timely decisions that I had taken in my life because Geevar and Alex always ensured to give us the best training capsules challenged with hands-on experience that we ever had, with the practical application of what we had studied in our professional student career. Now, I am beyond excited to announce that I have accepted a new innings with EY as Analyst. So, a huge thank you to the Invisor Education team for their great support in building me from behind and Special cheers to Geevar Thambi, CMA, CSCA, Alex Tom Joseph, CMA, Muhammed Shafeeque and Muhammed Thwoyyib for giving me such an amazing experience at FCP and for moulding me for what Im today. 
I am ready to kickstart this new adventure with EY and cant wait to continue growing in this new role.

Aneesha Nasir, CMA

Analyst | Northern Trust

I'm here to share an exciting journey which I had experienced after I completed CMA USA. As a fresher, there were so many hurdles for me to get a job at MNC's. After applying at so many companies I didn't even got a response from them, it caused so much frustration in myself. Then I heard about First career program from my CMA tutor Alex Tom Joseph, CMA . He told me about what all are provided in this training program but I was actually double minded whether to join or not join. But then I thought to give it a go, So I joined there half-heartedly. To my surprise everything went well and it was one of the best decision that I had took in my life because Geevar and Alex always ensured to give us with the best training experience that we ever had, with the practical application of what we had studied in our professional courses. Now I'm placed at Northern Trust,one of the leading financial institutions at USA. So I personally thank Geevar Thambi, CMA, CSCA, Alex Tom Joseph, CMA, Muhammed Shafeeque for giving me such an amazing experience at FCP and for moulding me for what I'm today.

Bibin Thamby, CMA

Accounts Specialist | Consero Global

A great aspect about this training at Invisor is hands on experience on live project, which helped me to gain a deep knowledge in finance. The content of the training was exciting and helped me to get the my first job.

Hemangi Radadiya

Finance Executive | Confiance Bizsol Pvt Ltd Ahmedabad

I can say confidently that choosing Invisor as my study partner is the best decision I have made for my CMA certification. Don’t think too much just go and enrol with them if you planning the CMA certification.

Aaron Mohan


I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever; With my mouth will I make known Your faithfulness to all generations" - Psalms 89:1 I am immensely glad to receive the news of my successful completion of the CMA Exams. I know for a fact that I would not make it without the tender mercies of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my family and friends, and by the most generous hearts behind my success Geevar & Ganesh H, who were more than just tutors to me. I am glad to cross roads with you both. Huge shoutout to Invisor Global Inc. for all the right materials and resources for my study.

Sheik Shameel

Associate - Customer service | Entigrity

After completing my CMA course the lockdown was imposed in India due to pandemic. When there was a break in lockdown I started looking for a job, almost 5, 6 months I send mails, applied through career sites, job portals, but there was no response from the other end most of the time. I only had one or two interview in which the salary was too low compared to market standards. Then I heard about First career program (FCP) provided by Invisor Global Inc. First I thought it's just a intern programme where most of the companies hire freshers and let them settle the pending files. I contacted Invisor team and they told me it's not what actually looks like and they gave all the information about the FCP, and I decided to join the program, which was a turning point in my life. During the internship period itself I got an offer from Entigrity Solutions Pvt Ltd which is a leading consulting firm mainly dealing with US and Canadian clients I joined here as an Associate - Customer service. Thanks to the entire Invisor team for the support.

Vinu Vijayan , CM

Accounts Specialist | Consero Global

Hi I am Vinu. After completion of my CMA, I applied to a lot of openings throgh many job banks . But I did not get any response from the recruiters. Then I got heard about First Career Program run by one of my faculty Mr Alex. I took a chance by enrolling for the program. I swear it was the best decision I have ever made. The projects assigned by Geevar Thambi, CMA, CSCA and Alex Tom Joseph, CMA has really helped me to get an idea about how the corporates do their work. And as a result I got a chance to work with a leading MNC. Thank you team Invisor Global Inc. for the great change that you guys have made in my career.

Mohammed Raashed, CMA

Financial Analyst | A to Z Services – Qatar

Hello Everyone, I would like to share an exciting journey I experienced after I completed my Certified Management Accountant course. Since I was a fresher, it was pretty hard for me to find a job in MNCs or any companies for that matter. I applied for so many positions which only got rejected because of my lack of technical experience which lead to frustration and disappointment.  It was then that I heard about First Career Program from my CMA tutor Alex Tom Joseph, CMA. He went through what will be provided in this program and I was immediately interested in it. I should say it was one of the best decisions I made to help my career because Geevar Thambi, CMA, CSCA, and Alex Tom Joseph, CMA always ensured to give us the best training experience that we ever had, with the practical application of what we had studied in our professional courses. Because of the training I received there, I was able to secure a good job at Consero Global, one of the leading financial institutions. So, I would like to thank Alex Tom Joseph, CMA, Geevar Thambi, CMA, CSCA, and Muhammed Shafeeque for giving such amazing experience and training at FCP and for helping me secure a good job at a well-reputed company.

Varsha Menon, CMA

Accounts Specialist | Consero Global

After completing the CMA exams, I didn’t have any idea about how to apply for the job and get into an MNC. At that time Alex Tom Joseph and Geevar Thambi, CMA, CSCA has invited me for the First Career Program at Invisor Global Inc. , which changed my professional life. The training improved my knowledge in accounting and got a crystal clear picture of a company's working culture. Thank you team Invisor for making us a perfect working professional. Invisor Global Inc.  Muhammed Shafeeque.

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FAQ’s about ACCA Course

  • F1, F2, F3, F4 are known as on-demand exams, so these exams can be attempted at any time of the year. F5 to P7 exams are conducted four times a year (every March, June, September, December).

  • The passing rate for the ACCA exams, globally, is 40%.

  • Candidates will need to log on to their myacca account two weeks after standard exam entry closes. This will include the address of the centre, the papers you have been entered for, the dates for each paper and the desk numbers that are allocated to you in a particular venue.

  • Students need to qualify their 12th grade exams with a minimum of 65% in Accounts or Mathematics and English, and a minimum of 50% in all other subject exams.

  • Yes there is definitely scope for ACCA abroad as it is a globally recognized body with members and affiliated organizations all over the world.

  • Both are highly sought-after qualifications and CA should not be compared with ACCA. If we look at CA the passing rates are 4-5% whereas for ACCA it is 30-40%. ACCA is easier than CA to pass as it provides flexibility in terms of exams and articleship. So there are some key considerations that you need to consider when choosing CA or ACCA that include the length of time it takes to complete each qualification, the cost, the job prospects, and the geographical location.

  • ACCA in India earns equivalent to CA with the average salary ranging between 8 LPA- 9LPA. And some experienced professionals can earn between 12-13 LPA.

  • The ACCA course consists of 13 papers which are further divided into 2 sections: Fundamental level (9 modules or papers) and the Professional Level (4 modules or papers). At the professional level P1, P2, and P3 are compulsory papers, followed by P4, P5, P6, and P7, which are optional.

  • Doing ACCA with an MBA will strengthen your marketing credentials as well as help in developing managerial skills. The combination degree will broaden your career prospects in various fields. Plus, ACCA along with MBA receive good remuneration.

  • It takes around 3-4 years to become a qualified ACCA along with an Ethics subject and 2 years of work experience.

  • Fill the ACCA application form and enter all the personal details to set up your online myACCCA account. While filling the form you will need details of your previous qualification and copies of identity proof. And pay the required registration fees via debit or credit card.

  • ACCA qualification holders are highly sought-after by employers and are often able to secure well-paid positions in a variety of industries. There is a high demand for ACCA professionals in Big 4 firms such as EY, PwC, Deloitte, and KPMG.

  • The total course fees including the tuition fees for ACCA is 1,20,000. And all fees are inclusive of tax.

  • ACCA recommends that candidates have at least two years of relevant work experience in order to obtain membership. ACCA students can acquire this experience from different jobs - paid or unpaid - over three years, even before they register with the ACCA. You must complete your Practical Experience Requirement (PER) along with your exams and ethics requirements.

  • To become ACCA qualified you will need to complete the ACCA Qualification Scheme. This involves passing all 13 exams along with 3 years of relevant practical work experience as well as completing a Professional Ethics module and a Professional Competence module. Then you will need to register as a student with the ACCA by completing the online registration form on the ACCA website. Once you have completed the ACCA Qualification Scheme, you will be eligible to apply for membership in the ACCA.

  • The ACCA Qualification takes five years to complete. The qualification can be completed in two years if the student has completed two years of study and work experience before enrolling for the course.

  • The ACCA Qualification takes five years to complete. The qualification can be completed in two years if the student has completed two years of study and work experience before enrolling for the course.The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a professional body that provides qualifications and regulates the accounting profession worldwide. ACCA’s main purpose is to ensure that its members are competent and ethical and that they uphold the highest standards of professional conduct. ACCA also promotes the development of the accounting profession globally and works with governments, businesses, and other stakeholders to shape the profession’s future.

  • Both qualifications will give you a solid grounding in all aspects of the business. But if you compare with global presence ACCA is better as ACCA has a presence in over 180 countries whereas CMA has one in over 100 countries. Plus if we compare the salary part ACCA professional earns more than a CMA. Just that ACCA is a comprehensive course having 13 papers whereas CMA has just 2 papers. If you want to work in a big 4 accountancy firm or a senior finance role, then ACCA is the qualification for you. If you want to work in a role where you will be responsible for making strategic decisions for a business, then CMA is the better option.

  • If your firm has an audit registration from a Recognized Supervisory Body (RSB), such as ACCA, you can only sign-off audit reports if you have both an ACCA practicing certificate and an audit qualification. The ACCA can appoint firms to perform audits via an auditing certificate.

  • ACCA consists of 3 levels that include Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills, and Strategic Professional. Plus addition of ethics and professional skills modules and relevant work experience requirements.

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